Feature Ideas for Radio's Outliner

by Andrew Grumet

I can now use Radio's outliner to post to my Movable Type weblog. Hooray for structure editing!

Here are some features I want (many of these are things I use in w.bloggar, a workhorse of a desktop tool that unfortunately doesn't do structure editing):

  1. A way to bring up old posts, say if you've already killed the window where you originally composed the post.
  2. More control over how Radio converts the post to HTML. I see that rules work to some degree, but it seems like some implicit rules are also being applied. E.g. top-level is always bolded no matter what textStyle rule I write.
  3. Page-oriented editing, i.e. a single outline that contains multiple posts, just like Dave does it on Scripting.
  4. Ability to assign categories.